I'm a software developer based in Washington DC. I'm also a registered nurse turned developer who turned a lifelong hobby into a second career. Needless to say, I have extensive healthcare domain knowledge that'd I'd love to leverage to make healthcare better. This site features articles regarding coding, nursing, and startups - also occasional essays on topics I'm interested in, which could pretty much be anything.

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Email: glennpeter dot espinosa at gmail dot com

Connect with me on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn. My resume can be downloaded here: download resume.

Can I hire you?

Currently, I am not actively looking for new opportunities. But, if I were, I'd say that I have extensive experience working with and founding startups, meeting tight deadlines, fast iteration sprints, and optimizing for the bottom line. I'm the founder of Alexandria Code & Coffee where developers reach out and mentor new developers.

I love software, computers, startups and technology! In general, I am very curious and like to know how things tick and work. I learn best when I'm neck deep in new technology, stretching the boundaries of my knowledge. When I can, I prefer working with my favorite frameworks, tools, languages & stack of choice:

I am an ardent proponent of TDD, SRP, micro services, object oriented and domain driven design. I enjoy design patterns and would love nothing more than to work with properly utilized abstractions ~ keyword, properly.

I strive to be a git commit perfectionist and work to elevate git standards on every team I work on.

My prized possession is a signed copy of Sandi Metz's POODR. One time I almost got into a car crash from being overly excited after listening to a programming podcast and realizing they were talking about one of my blog posts.

I like hefeweizens, despise stouts and enjoy the occasional injection of deadpan and sarcasm. Disclaimer: I am that geek in your office with a mechanical keyboard.

Overtime I've come to realize that being a good software engineer is as much about being able to communicate clearly as it is pounding out code. The former is oftentimes much more challenging.